Sunday, July 20, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Pray for Humility

Hello my dear family and friends.  I love you so much and I thank you for praying for me. I don't have a lot of time but here are some things I learned this week. This week I have really been focusing on developing humility in my life, humility with my companion and with my investigators, humility to accept the many responsabilities I have with a willing heart, humility to accept my imperfections, humility to be submissive enough to follow the spirit, and humility to pray sincerely to a loving Heavenly Father.

Lately I have also been realizing how good thoughtful and sincere prayer is to our Heavenly Father.  I remember an experience that Elder Scott shared at the MTC where he said that some nights in the middle of the night while his companion was sleeping he would go just before the window and talk sincerely and openly with God. Before my mission I would say that I have offered many sincere prayers but not enough. The powerfulness of our prayers is dépendent on us. My companion Sister Sommers has taught me alot about sincere prayer. Every time we have prayers for companionship study or for food or just anything she is completely sincere. It is exactly as if Heavenly Father is in the room.
This week I have really tried to be really sincere with my morning prayers because I could do better with them. I can honestly say I have given a sincere morning prayer every day this week and I have been so blessed. I have noticed the spirit more in my life and in the life of my investigators. I have had more will do do the Lord's will instead of my own and more perserverance.  I challenge you guys to do the same.  I know you will see the hand of the Lord more clearly in your life;

Besides that six facts about my week.

1 I learned how to drive stick shift.
2.  I am a sister training leader and therefore I feel stressed, because I dont know exactly what that means.
3 We found 4 new investigators, including a family of girls who I already love.
4 I ate so much food yesterday I thought I would die.
5. I was in a Church film thing where I had to pretend my companion was sick and so I pretended to feed her médicine and brush her hair and it was so so funny.
6  I started crying in a lesson and my investigator probably thought I was crazy, but at least the spirit was there.
7.  I love the Tahitian people even if sometimes they don't love me

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