Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21, 2014 - Mission Leader

iorana. Eaha to outou huru?  hinaaro vau ia faaite tou mau ohipa i tupu i roto i tei nei hepetoma i mairi aenei.  E mea maitai roa i teie hepetoma.  ua faitoito noa vau no te tauturu i te tahi i te haere i mua i roto i tei evanelia.  Te tahi taime e mea fiu roa i teie ohipa no te mea i mairi.  No tou mau hoa o te ekaretia i parau parau aita hinaaro matou e haere i mua et faatupu i te hinaaro a te Atua.  Aita matau i taua.  E mea fifi roa tera peu.  Aue ta oe i haere mai no te tavini i te Atua.

Since you guys are on vacation now I thought you would have a little time to try to translate this.

I don't have a ton of time but I just want to show you guys the cutest thing ever. My mission leader in the ward Br. Parau is the best.  He is this adorable Tahitian man and his wife Leila isn't a member. Sometimes it is really hard for him because his wife doesn't believe in the church, but I really love her too. Monday we did a family home evening with them and we talked about unity in a house and family. It was good and it was so, so sad because at the end Br; Parau shared his thoughts about how he wished his wife loved him as much as she loves their kids, but he said he patientely waits for her to show her love for him.

I haven't been able to charge my camera at the house because I lost the charger in the house in Mahina and I have no idea where it is. So the mission leader found out about it and he told me to give him my camera. I gave it to him and that week during our coordination meeting he showed me that he and another new convert in the ward had made a homemade charger just for my camera with things they found in the garage. It is so so cute and I couldn't believe they spent all that time just to make a charger for my camera so I could take photos here.

Our mission president is changing a lot of things in our mission now and actually it is really good.  He is so so nice but very official at the same time.

Something weird happened in the mission where we had way too many sister leaders called, so now we are going to "release" a lot of us.  I am on the committee for making up the rules for the STLs.  We will see how it goes.

I love you all and I am so grateful for my family.  I am grateful for eternal families and that the Priesthood was restored.  Gospel ordances open the doors for us to fully use the power of the Atonement in our lives.  He lives and He loves.
Soeur Kimball

July 14, 2014 - Working at Temple

I have been stressing out lately for being at the temple because I am not so good at doing things in front of lot of people, but it was so, so good yesterday. We had about 50 people that passed through and I and my companion did so good.

One of my favorite parts to explain is the first vision because everyone becomes really silent when we talk about Joseph Smith.  Since I have started working at the temple (we are there maybe ten hours a week) my testimony has been really strengthened. I have really been able to understand so well the gospel principles, and I have felt the spirit in teaching so many times. It is actually really good.

This week we saw a miracle. One of my favorite investigators, Maina, was refound. I started the lessons with her about three months ago in my sector with my other companion, but all of a sudden she dissapeared and her phone didn't work anymore.  It turns out that for those months she was working a lot and someone stole her phone so she couldn't contact us. It turns out one of the sisters in our ward went to visit a sister that lives next to Maina and Maina asked them if they were Mormon and told them that she was ready to have the sister missionaries again.

I was so happy. Friday we took her and her boyfriend to the temple to visit the welcomers center and do a tour in the garden. It went so well. She really, really understood that the church is true. I watched as the light came into her eyes when she realized that she had to be baptized to have eternelle life. She even said she wanted to make all of her little brothers Mormon who live on another Island so they could grow up in the church.

She told us a personal experience she had this week where she really prayed to know when she should be baptized.  Immediately afterward she turned to Alma 32:16.  Look it up. It was a direct answer to her prayer.  I know it and I pray with everything that we would be able to help her boyfriend understand too.  We actually work with a lot of couples and I love it. It is so good to see people come unto Christ.

So, I have to go because my companion wants to play ping pong really bad and she is about to burst waiting for me.  I thank you all so much for your prayers.   I love you all and I love the Lord;
Soeur Kimball

July 7, 2014 - Faith

This week has been very good. Slow, but good. Sometimes I feel like I am living in slow motion.
We were supposed to have the baptisms this week of Toimato and Kulani, this really cute couple who are my age ( so weird) and who just got married so they could get baptized, but then Kulani suddenly and unexpectedly had her baby!  So now she has to wait to get better. I was dissapointed at first but I am so excited that Matarai, their baby boy, is doing well. He will get to witness their baptism so that is cool.

We have a new mission president and we had a conference with him. He is an amazing person and made us all cry just by bearing his testimony. He is very organized and so that will be good for our mission. We need more organization and communication. Half the time I have no idea what is going on.

Also, we had an amazing lesson with Bea this week. She is the investigator that I found by tracting. I say I found because my companions simply watched me talk to her from a distance because they were too nervous, anyway she really wants to get baptized and she feels that the church and the Book of Mormon are true but she is having a really hard time. She is really, really poor and her husband is criticizing her for taking the missionary lessons. She has a lot of adversity at this moment and I would ask you to pray for her so that she can have the strength to continue with us even if her family is against it. We really want her husband's heart to be softened, and I know the Lord will not leave her abandoned.

My companion Soeur Tehiva is doing better and her niece is healing. I was so happy and relieved. Me and Soeur Tehiva are great companions and best friends. She is very cute and has a firm testimony.

Funny story from this morning and this week. People here sometimes here are too nice. This morning at the grocery store a mami started pulling out money to give to us just because we were missionaries. I was like,"no no no", and then yesterday this man in our ward that is single, and may or may not be in love with me, called us to tell us he had a big bag of banans to give us. I will be a very very giving person when I get back from my mission.

This week I learned an important lesson about faith. I have realized that even when it is the most hard to endure and continue and everything seems to be slackening and going really slow that is when I need to have the most faith. Faith is one of the most powerful forces we have, and if I don't have enough faith I could be preventing potential miracles from happening. I know that the Lord works miracles according to our faith, and we show our faith by acting. Showing our faith by offering a simple prayer or doing what is right even when others mock us builds our faith. I love what Elder Eyring said that acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it.

Faith is a choice.

I showed my faith this week by going and knocking on peoples doors with my companion, who hates doing tracting, in the hopes of finding someone who would be interested in knowing more about the gospel.  Did we find not really, but I did get to bear my testimony to a Moeari. A 15 year old girl who's mom died and I was able to assure her that she would see her mom again. She probably thought I was crazy but I know it reassured her.

I am so grateful that we are expected in this life to walk by faith and not by sight. That helps us to grow and find for ourselves that Heavenly Father is really there. He works little miracles in all of our lives. He respects our choices but will do everything in His power to help us make the right choices that will lead us to have all of the same blessings He has. I love Him.
Soeur Kimball

June 30, 2013 - Noeline

Every week is so unpredictable.  That includes this week.

I spent Wednesday night at the hospital with my companion because she got a call that her niece was severely sick and would soon die so we got permission to go to the hospital. Soeur Tehiva was so troubled and sad.  She has raised her niece since she was just little and plus her niece is handicapped so she can't talk and can't eat by herself. Soeur Tehiva has fed her and changed her and bathed her since she was little, so it was one of the sadest things to see her this little handicaped girl with a lot of tubes and with a severe lung infection.  We got home that night and Soeur Tehiva was very distressed so we asked for our Bishop to come and give her a blessing. That is a great thing about being in such a little Island. All ward members live close.  And even I could feel the love and support of our Heavenlly Father when Bishop gave the blessing;

We also found two new investigators this week. One is Noeline, the sister of a lady in our ward, Rachel.  Noeline has had an incredibly hard life.  I find that lots of peoples family lives here are no good. There is beating and abuse and Noeline has had a lot of it.  All she wants is the joy that she sees in her sister for her and her son, and I don't blame her. We had our first lesson with her and she felt the spirit.  We didn't really need to say much just that we knew it would be only through Christ that she would be able to cleanse her heart and her life and take away all of the hate for her abusers. She said she is not yet ready to get married to her boyfriend who she lives with and that is what makes me sad, and could you please pray for her that she will have the faith necessary to obey the law of chastity?

We also got a new mission president.  His name is president Bize and he is French. He is great and I already love him and his wife.  I feel like we will have a little more organization with him because he was a CEO.  It should be interesting.

This week I learned about sacrafice.  I realized that there were some things I am asked to do that I know are right that I have a hard time with. For example sometimes it is hard for me to be all the time nice to my companion or other people that are mean to me. It is hard for me to love them and sometimes it is hard for me to have enough faith to not fear. I realized that I had not fully submitted my will to the Lord. I wasn't completely humble enough to do everything, even the little tiny things He has asked me. This week I fully submitted. I will no longer have hard feelings or stubborn thoughts when I am asked to do something. I will just do it. It was so good because I was so much more able to feel the love and charity for other people and just be happy. I know that even though it is the hardest choice, humility is always the best choice. President Eyring talked about pavilions that block us from being close the presence of God and pride was definetely my pavilion, But I am letting it go little by little through my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ.

Don't let the little things block the Savior from being in your life.

I love you all and I hope that you do safe and good things including remembering at what point you have been blessed in your life to have the gospel.
Soeur Kimball

June 23, 2014 - Hemana's Baptism

Four things about my life
1. I wore a fanny pack all this week because i found it in the cuboard and it is super convenient.
2. I took up the sport of jumproping because my companion doesn't like to exercise so I can't run anymore.
3. I ate dinner literally on top of the mountain Sunday night with a family in our ward.
4. Two young men in our ward that were inactive and unworthy came back to church and became priests! I cried

A lot of things happened this week actually.  Wednesday was the baptism of Hemana. He has been taking the lessons for six or so months because his daughter was dating a mormon. He had a testimony before I came here, but it was us who had to help him live the commandements.  He got married the same day as his baptism and I was so happy. His wife matilda. She is just very reserved and hesitant and wasn't ready to leave some things of the world to get baptized. I know we will continue with her and she will continue to progress by developing her faith.

We invited a lot of people and we had many investigators come to the baptism of Hemana.  It was incredible and after he bore his testimony it touched a lot of people.

The wife of our mission leader isn't a member and she came too.  Their son Heiro is handicaped but he can understand everything and tries to respond. I started crying because he was in the very back and at the end of the baptism we sang I am a child of God; heiro sang every single word the best he could. Normally he doesn't talk but he did the best he could to sing at the end of the baptism and it was so touching.

ASecond great miracle was that we had a huge family home evening program at the church in order to invite our investigators and we combined our ward with the ward of the Elders just next to us and we had 45 investigators that came.  Serioiusly, in our ward the new converts are so powerful. Tthey invited so many of their neighbors and just everybody they knew. I was so proud of them and we found people that are interested to take the lessons.

So right now in our sector we teach a lot of teenager boys and it is so hard because they don't have respect for us and so they make jokes out of everything.  I feel like I am going to have much patience by the end of this transfer haha.

Sometimes I am jealous of the people who get transfered in our mission all of the time because they get to see lots of the island but in the end I am so happy to stay for a long time in my sectors because it takes a long time to love people and learn how you can give and sacrifice everything. It is funny because I imagined and promised that I would give everything I could to the Lord on my mission, but part of the mission is learning how to give everything.  It is so hard to be completely consecrated, but I know each and each day I am learning more and more how I can leave my other concerns and wordly wants to be an even better instrument in the hands of the Lord.

We are so blessed to be part of this work in these Latter Days.
Soeur Kimball

Sunday, July 20, 2014

June 16, 2014 - Surfer Man George

I got transfered to work at the temple and then President was inspired that I needed to stay in my sector of Tipaerui so I am staying.

Things were hard this week but one of my companions got transfered so now we are only two companions and it is great.

Apparently I have to stay in Tipaerui for a reason but I am not sure what that reason is, but I couldn't have been happier. There was a kind of mistake and so now I and my companion live in a huge house with four bedrooms all alone, and we each have our own bathroom, so I am not complaining.

This week our we had a lot of investigators that came to church and I was so happy. I was especially happy that our investigator George came.  He is the crazy surfer man that may or may not be drugged all the time. It is hard to tell, but he came and he loved it.  We found him by doing door by door and he makes me laugh. He surfs to feel closer to God and he has a bible for surfers.  I should send a picture of him to you guys.

Also this wednesday we have a baptism for Hemana and I am so excited. He is very incredible and I know he is ready to be part of the true church of God.  He even sacrificed working on Sunday. He is getting married Wednesday too so he can be worthy.  He is one of the most humble men I have met and I am grateful for his example for me. Unfortunately, his wife doesn't want to get baptized yet even though she has taken all of the missionary lessons. After Hemana is baptized we are going to continue to work with her because I love her too.

Also this week we ate with Bishop and his family.  They are so nice and I loved the raw fish.  We ate with a new convert named Saloman. He comes to my english class faithfully every Saturday. It was great and I am so grateful here for a bishop who supports us and tells us we can come over when ever we want and beg for food.

This week we will be on the search for more investigators so we can find others who are prepared. Please pray so that we will be able to find people who are prepared in our sector.  I love you
soeur Kimball

May 19, 2014 - Kulani's Baptism Date Question

Hey everyone. So this week I  have had so many experiences. I have cried a lot and been happy a lot. Sometimes I think I might be experiencing what it would be like to be bipolar. I'll just tell a miracle that happened this week.

This week I offended our ami and made her mad so she wouldn't really let us come and talk to her.  I was devastated and lost a lot of confidence.

This week we kept teaching Kulani and Toimato a young couple. Kulani is going to be having a baby soon and her family is completely protestant. She is one of the most beautiful Tahitian women I have seen and is tall like me so I like her. She has one of the sweetest spirits and is shy but very strong at the same time. Toimato, her boyfriend is super young at heart and is also so so nice. We had scheduled their baptisms for the 28 June so that they could get baptized after Toimato finishes all of his examines. They were super happy with that date and I know they will be ready by then. They love the scriptures and pray every single day now. I am so proud of them. We come to do teach a lesson this week with them and Kulani tells us she talked to her mom who isn't super happy with the baptism and the mom said all of their family would be leaving the 28 June back home to their island in Rurutu. Kulani explained to us that she reallly wants her family to be there for her baptism so she is going to wait with Toimato until September when her family gets back to get baptized and married.  It was super uncomfortable because I felt like that wasn't the right answer. It was super awkward but finally we just explained and bore our testimonies about how sometimes we have so sacrifice things in our lives for better things. I wasn't at all direct because I was so scared of offending her like I already offended Norma, but we did our best to encourage them to really, really truly pray to know if the 28 June was the right date for them.

I remember descending the stairs and feeling so sad.  Me and my companion continued to pray and pray for them.

We had a lesson with them Saturday.  Me and Soeur Sommers had decided that we weren't going to talk at all about baptism.  We wanted to go back to the basics and talk about our testimonies of Jesus Christ and why we were really there in the first place. We watched "Because of Him."  If you haven't watched it you should. We were feeling the spirit and talking about how much Jesus Christ did for us and all of a sudden Kulani starts telling us about an experience she had. She says she prayed and prayed and prayed after the lesson before to know if the 28 June was the date the Lord wanted her to get baptized and if it is a good thing for her. She said she had a bright feeling of light even though she was closing her eyes. She then started to search in her bible to look for an answer and she said she felt like the Lord was helping her learn. She turned to Romans and I forget the scripture but it said to wake up and the day of her salvation was closer then she thought. I know she really felt the spirit.

It is always so cool when our amis pray and read their scriptures sincerely and start to build their own testimony. She came to the conclusion that she needs to get baptized the 28June.  Her faith has grown so much and she is such a good example to all of her family. She is truly a disciple of Christ, and I know God loves her because he didn't want her to postpone the day that she would be able to recieve the fulness of blessings in the gospel as a member of His church.

I just can't tell you how blessed we are.

May 5, 2014 - Pray for Humility

Hello my dear family and friends.  I love you so much and I thank you for praying for me. I don't have a lot of time but here are some things I learned this week. This week I have really been focusing on developing humility in my life, humility with my companion and with my investigators, humility to accept the many responsabilities I have with a willing heart, humility to accept my imperfections, humility to be submissive enough to follow the spirit, and humility to pray sincerely to a loving Heavenly Father.

Lately I have also been realizing how good thoughtful and sincere prayer is to our Heavenly Father.  I remember an experience that Elder Scott shared at the MTC where he said that some nights in the middle of the night while his companion was sleeping he would go just before the window and talk sincerely and openly with God. Before my mission I would say that I have offered many sincere prayers but not enough. The powerfulness of our prayers is d├ępendent on us. My companion Sister Sommers has taught me alot about sincere prayer. Every time we have prayers for companionship study or for food or just anything she is completely sincere. It is exactly as if Heavenly Father is in the room.
This week I have really tried to be really sincere with my morning prayers because I could do better with them. I can honestly say I have given a sincere morning prayer every day this week and I have been so blessed. I have noticed the spirit more in my life and in the life of my investigators. I have had more will do do the Lord's will instead of my own and more perserverance.  I challenge you guys to do the same.  I know you will see the hand of the Lord more clearly in your life;

Besides that six facts about my week.

1 I learned how to drive stick shift.
2.  I am a sister training leader and therefore I feel stressed, because I dont know exactly what that means.
3 We found 4 new investigators, including a family of girls who I already love.
4 I ate so much food yesterday I thought I would die.
5. I was in a Church film thing where I had to pretend my companion was sick and so I pretended to feed her m├ędicine and brush her hair and it was so so funny.
6  I started crying in a lesson and my investigator probably thought I was crazy, but at least the spirit was there.
7.  I love the Tahitian people even if sometimes they don't love me

June 9, 2014 - Temple Assignment

This week has been really intersting.  I got sick because I stressed all night long about our activity that we planned and so I didn't sleep and then I caught a cold which turned into a fever. I am all better now.  Thank you Elders for giving me a blessing.

I found out I am going to get transfered again. It turns out at the temple there is this little center for explaining information about the church and they just re-did the center so now there is information about the restoration and the plan of salvation. They needed tour guides to explain to people the information. The assistants chose eight sisters who they thought would be good for the center and then they told the president to pick four names. And what do you know they picked me to be the representative for the Americans. Funny story. They chose one sister from every race. Me and the little French girl who I trained and a Tahitian and my friend Soeur Aniel who looks Chinese. It is us four who will explain the plan of salvation and the restoration to whoever comes to the center.  I guess we will take turns and it will be 4:00 until 8:00 every night.  We will also still have sectors. I will have the sector of Papeete with two companions, so now I am really in the inward, inward city.  It will be interesting to see what happens. I have to perfectly explain every principle and make smooth transitions. I am actually really excited about it but at the same time I really love working in the field too.

Lately I have been really feeling less motivated to do things, like talk to people and be a good missionary. It is so much easier to be really motivated when your companions are really motivated. That is somehting I want to work on . I want to talk to and invite every person I meet.  Sometimes I am just too scared and it is ridiculous. I get scared my companions will make fun of me or I will forget how to speak, or something dumb. Why on earth should I be scared of a human being? The last time Joseph Smith feared other people more than the Lord he lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon. I am scared I am going to cause souls to be lost because of my lack of sacrifice and diligence.

I am this week going to pray every day to have opportunities to talk to people who are ready all along the road.  Can you guys also pray that I can be motivated again and not care about what others think about me? Honestly that would really help me.

I know the church is true and I know He lives and I am grateful that through His sacrifice I can become clean from every wrong thing I have ever done.  I can live with my family forever and I can be happy forever;

But everything starts here and now. Everything depends on us.  If we want to become something great we can. The Lord will always help us after we do all that we can.

Stay safe and never forget the Lord in all you do.  Look for oportunities to serve and to progress.
Love Soeur Kimball

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jun 2, 2014 - Courage

Hello family. I thank you for writing me letters. You really don't know how much that means for me. I always feel so much better after reading my emails and seeing that you are all well.  Sometimes it just gets me through the week.  This week has been really hard. I really thought I was going to die...Why?  Because I got two new companions who I thought wanted to kill me.  Apparently I told someone that I wanted my new Tahitian companions to suffer and so they thought I had mean intentions in the first place so the first few days were pretty rough because we were playing 2 Tahitians against the american.  But I have never prayed and prayed so fervently. I prayed to soften the hearts of my companions so that they could feel the perfect love of their Savior. I prayed and stressed and prayed and now I don't know what happened but I think my companions figured out that I never wanted to torture them and so things are better.  

I think almost all of the companionships are in threes now because there are so many sister missionaries here.  
This week with lessons we hit a low point too. We are at the point where we have to put our priorities straight and that means leaving some investigators for a while. It is hard but it is the right thing to do as well. 

I have been really trying to be corageous this week because I read a talk about courage that the prophet gave in the Priesthood session.  It takes the most courage for me to do things I know that will annoy my companions but I have to do anyway. For example, this week, like I said, we had a reference in this super ghetto building by a school, so my companions don't know the sector yet so we play follow the leader.  I tell my companions we are going to go try to teach this reference and so they follow me behind this really old basketball court into these poor apartements.  I yell really loud to see if marereva is there (the reference).  I wait five minutes awkwardly surrounded by other people that are ignoring me. Marereva came out and then went back in her house mumbling to herself after she saw us. At this point my companions want to go because they could see that marereva didn't want to see us. They were getting annoyed with me because I was taking too long but two apartments down I saw a family and I wanted to go and talk to them. My companions wouldn't follow me so they just watch me as I went and talked to this family.  Turns out the mom Bea was waiting for us.  She has already assisted at the church a few times and has member friends. She said when she saw us she knew she wanted to accept us in her neighborhood. She was so prepared for us with her daughter. I was so touched by her and her family and how prepared they were.  We felt the spirit as we sang I am a Child of God and as we talked about our Heavenly Father. Even with the surrounding techno music in the background. 

What did I learn that day? Courage.  It takes courage to be a good disciple of the Lord and it takes courage to even do things that you know will annoy  your hungry friends.  I'm not saying that I am courageous all the time like that.  I feel like for me it comes in bursts and then goes.  But I know the Lord is with us.  Our courage is a mesure of our faith and willingness.  
The Lord is truly with us. 
soeur Kimball