Sunday, July 20, 2014

May 19, 2014 - Kulani's Baptism Date Question

Hey everyone. So this week I  have had so many experiences. I have cried a lot and been happy a lot. Sometimes I think I might be experiencing what it would be like to be bipolar. I'll just tell a miracle that happened this week.

This week I offended our ami and made her mad so she wouldn't really let us come and talk to her.  I was devastated and lost a lot of confidence.

This week we kept teaching Kulani and Toimato a young couple. Kulani is going to be having a baby soon and her family is completely protestant. She is one of the most beautiful Tahitian women I have seen and is tall like me so I like her. She has one of the sweetest spirits and is shy but very strong at the same time. Toimato, her boyfriend is super young at heart and is also so so nice. We had scheduled their baptisms for the 28 June so that they could get baptized after Toimato finishes all of his examines. They were super happy with that date and I know they will be ready by then. They love the scriptures and pray every single day now. I am so proud of them. We come to do teach a lesson this week with them and Kulani tells us she talked to her mom who isn't super happy with the baptism and the mom said all of their family would be leaving the 28 June back home to their island in Rurutu. Kulani explained to us that she reallly wants her family to be there for her baptism so she is going to wait with Toimato until September when her family gets back to get baptized and married.  It was super uncomfortable because I felt like that wasn't the right answer. It was super awkward but finally we just explained and bore our testimonies about how sometimes we have so sacrifice things in our lives for better things. I wasn't at all direct because I was so scared of offending her like I already offended Norma, but we did our best to encourage them to really, really truly pray to know if the 28 June was the right date for them.

I remember descending the stairs and feeling so sad.  Me and my companion continued to pray and pray for them.

We had a lesson with them Saturday.  Me and Soeur Sommers had decided that we weren't going to talk at all about baptism.  We wanted to go back to the basics and talk about our testimonies of Jesus Christ and why we were really there in the first place. We watched "Because of Him."  If you haven't watched it you should. We were feeling the spirit and talking about how much Jesus Christ did for us and all of a sudden Kulani starts telling us about an experience she had. She says she prayed and prayed and prayed after the lesson before to know if the 28 June was the date the Lord wanted her to get baptized and if it is a good thing for her. She said she had a bright feeling of light even though she was closing her eyes. She then started to search in her bible to look for an answer and she said she felt like the Lord was helping her learn. She turned to Romans and I forget the scripture but it said to wake up and the day of her salvation was closer then she thought. I know she really felt the spirit.

It is always so cool when our amis pray and read their scriptures sincerely and start to build their own testimony. She came to the conclusion that she needs to get baptized the 28June.  Her faith has grown so much and she is such a good example to all of her family. She is truly a disciple of Christ, and I know God loves her because he didn't want her to postpone the day that she would be able to recieve the fulness of blessings in the gospel as a member of His church.

I just can't tell you how blessed we are.

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