Sunday, July 20, 2014

June 9, 2014 - Temple Assignment

This week has been really intersting.  I got sick because I stressed all night long about our activity that we planned and so I didn't sleep and then I caught a cold which turned into a fever. I am all better now.  Thank you Elders for giving me a blessing.

I found out I am going to get transfered again. It turns out at the temple there is this little center for explaining information about the church and they just re-did the center so now there is information about the restoration and the plan of salvation. They needed tour guides to explain to people the information. The assistants chose eight sisters who they thought would be good for the center and then they told the president to pick four names. And what do you know they picked me to be the representative for the Americans. Funny story. They chose one sister from every race. Me and the little French girl who I trained and a Tahitian and my friend Soeur Aniel who looks Chinese. It is us four who will explain the plan of salvation and the restoration to whoever comes to the center.  I guess we will take turns and it will be 4:00 until 8:00 every night.  We will also still have sectors. I will have the sector of Papeete with two companions, so now I am really in the inward, inward city.  It will be interesting to see what happens. I have to perfectly explain every principle and make smooth transitions. I am actually really excited about it but at the same time I really love working in the field too.

Lately I have been really feeling less motivated to do things, like talk to people and be a good missionary. It is so much easier to be really motivated when your companions are really motivated. That is somehting I want to work on . I want to talk to and invite every person I meet.  Sometimes I am just too scared and it is ridiculous. I get scared my companions will make fun of me or I will forget how to speak, or something dumb. Why on earth should I be scared of a human being? The last time Joseph Smith feared other people more than the Lord he lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon. I am scared I am going to cause souls to be lost because of my lack of sacrifice and diligence.

I am this week going to pray every day to have opportunities to talk to people who are ready all along the road.  Can you guys also pray that I can be motivated again and not care about what others think about me? Honestly that would really help me.

I know the church is true and I know He lives and I am grateful that through His sacrifice I can become clean from every wrong thing I have ever done.  I can live with my family forever and I can be happy forever;

But everything starts here and now. Everything depends on us.  If we want to become something great we can. The Lord will always help us after we do all that we can.

Stay safe and never forget the Lord in all you do.  Look for oportunities to serve and to progress.
Love Soeur Kimball

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