Sunday, July 27, 2014

June 23, 2014 - Hemana's Baptism

Four things about my life
1. I wore a fanny pack all this week because i found it in the cuboard and it is super convenient.
2. I took up the sport of jumproping because my companion doesn't like to exercise so I can't run anymore.
3. I ate dinner literally on top of the mountain Sunday night with a family in our ward.
4. Two young men in our ward that were inactive and unworthy came back to church and became priests! I cried

A lot of things happened this week actually.  Wednesday was the baptism of Hemana. He has been taking the lessons for six or so months because his daughter was dating a mormon. He had a testimony before I came here, but it was us who had to help him live the commandements.  He got married the same day as his baptism and I was so happy. His wife matilda. She is just very reserved and hesitant and wasn't ready to leave some things of the world to get baptized. I know we will continue with her and she will continue to progress by developing her faith.

We invited a lot of people and we had many investigators come to the baptism of Hemana.  It was incredible and after he bore his testimony it touched a lot of people.

The wife of our mission leader isn't a member and she came too.  Their son Heiro is handicaped but he can understand everything and tries to respond. I started crying because he was in the very back and at the end of the baptism we sang I am a child of God; heiro sang every single word the best he could. Normally he doesn't talk but he did the best he could to sing at the end of the baptism and it was so touching.

ASecond great miracle was that we had a huge family home evening program at the church in order to invite our investigators and we combined our ward with the ward of the Elders just next to us and we had 45 investigators that came.  Serioiusly, in our ward the new converts are so powerful. Tthey invited so many of their neighbors and just everybody they knew. I was so proud of them and we found people that are interested to take the lessons.

So right now in our sector we teach a lot of teenager boys and it is so hard because they don't have respect for us and so they make jokes out of everything.  I feel like I am going to have much patience by the end of this transfer haha.

Sometimes I am jealous of the people who get transfered in our mission all of the time because they get to see lots of the island but in the end I am so happy to stay for a long time in my sectors because it takes a long time to love people and learn how you can give and sacrifice everything. It is funny because I imagined and promised that I would give everything I could to the Lord on my mission, but part of the mission is learning how to give everything.  It is so hard to be completely consecrated, but I know each and each day I am learning more and more how I can leave my other concerns and wordly wants to be an even better instrument in the hands of the Lord.

We are so blessed to be part of this work in these Latter Days.
Soeur Kimball

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