Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mahina, Tahiti - October 14, 2013

Hey this is going to be just super fast but I am typing on a french keyboard and the letters are different so sorry. We also have to pay for our internet time which is pas bien...but ok here it goes.  Tahiti is super.  It is hard and I am super struggling, but it is good.  I have an American trainer and her name is Soeur Ferrence and she is just great.  We like the same music and we think the same things are funny so it is great.  The super hard thing is not speaking any English.  I am... you could kind of say.... drowning in French, but it will come.  I can't actually understand what anyone is saying, haha, but I am trying very hard.  It is just so fast.

I live in Mahina with some other sisters and our sector is close to the mountains:  which is pretty:  people here are really poor but it is funny how much food they give us.  Our sector is tiny because there are so many members so that is hard.  We actually have one of the slowest areas for missionary work but Soeur Ferrence and I are trying to change that. Except for now Soeur Ferrence basically does everything because I am still not quite sure what is happening;  It has been hard but with the trial I have had to rely on the enabling and strenthening power of the Atonement.  The love of our Heavenly Father is always there for us.  I know.  Ok well I have to go..  It really is so pretty.

I love all of you and thanks for the package!  ps the children here are just so beautiful!  *
7 facts about Tahiti so far:
1 I have over 40 mosquito bites and counting
2 people here live basically outdoors I dont think I have ever been inside someones house yet
3 there are so many roosters and they wake me up every morning
4 there are cockroaches in our shower
5 So far the food is super interesting.  The chicken is pure fat and it is disguisting but the raw fish isn't bad and it is true the people expect you to eat a lot
6 I probably kiss 30 people every day to meet them on the sides of their face
7 I get dirty all the time and was commanded to shower 3 times a day if i can

Lastly everybody here kind of pitys me, haha, because I cant really speak but it is fine.  The people here are probably the nicest I have ever seen and I love them