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June 30, 2013 - Noeline

Every week is so unpredictable.  That includes this week.

I spent Wednesday night at the hospital with my companion because she got a call that her niece was severely sick and would soon die so we got permission to go to the hospital. Soeur Tehiva was so troubled and sad.  She has raised her niece since she was just little and plus her niece is handicapped so she can't talk and can't eat by herself. Soeur Tehiva has fed her and changed her and bathed her since she was little, so it was one of the sadest things to see her this little handicaped girl with a lot of tubes and with a severe lung infection.  We got home that night and Soeur Tehiva was very distressed so we asked for our Bishop to come and give her a blessing. That is a great thing about being in such a little Island. All ward members live close.  And even I could feel the love and support of our Heavenlly Father when Bishop gave the blessing;

We also found two new investigators this week. One is Noeline, the sister of a lady in our ward, Rachel.  Noeline has had an incredibly hard life.  I find that lots of peoples family lives here are no good. There is beating and abuse and Noeline has had a lot of it.  All she wants is the joy that she sees in her sister for her and her son, and I don't blame her. We had our first lesson with her and she felt the spirit.  We didn't really need to say much just that we knew it would be only through Christ that she would be able to cleanse her heart and her life and take away all of the hate for her abusers. She said she is not yet ready to get married to her boyfriend who she lives with and that is what makes me sad, and could you please pray for her that she will have the faith necessary to obey the law of chastity?

We also got a new mission president.  His name is president Bize and he is French. He is great and I already love him and his wife.  I feel like we will have a little more organization with him because he was a CEO.  It should be interesting.

This week I learned about sacrafice.  I realized that there were some things I am asked to do that I know are right that I have a hard time with. For example sometimes it is hard for me to be all the time nice to my companion or other people that are mean to me. It is hard for me to love them and sometimes it is hard for me to have enough faith to not fear. I realized that I had not fully submitted my will to the Lord. I wasn't completely humble enough to do everything, even the little tiny things He has asked me. This week I fully submitted. I will no longer have hard feelings or stubborn thoughts when I am asked to do something. I will just do it. It was so good because I was so much more able to feel the love and charity for other people and just be happy. I know that even though it is the hardest choice, humility is always the best choice. President Eyring talked about pavilions that block us from being close the presence of God and pride was definetely my pavilion, But I am letting it go little by little through my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ.

Don't let the little things block the Savior from being in your life.

I love you all and I hope that you do safe and good things including remembering at what point you have been blessed in your life to have the gospel.
Soeur Kimball

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