Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 14, 2014 - Working at Temple

I have been stressing out lately for being at the temple because I am not so good at doing things in front of lot of people, but it was so, so good yesterday. We had about 50 people that passed through and I and my companion did so good.

One of my favorite parts to explain is the first vision because everyone becomes really silent when we talk about Joseph Smith.  Since I have started working at the temple (we are there maybe ten hours a week) my testimony has been really strengthened. I have really been able to understand so well the gospel principles, and I have felt the spirit in teaching so many times. It is actually really good.

This week we saw a miracle. One of my favorite investigators, Maina, was refound. I started the lessons with her about three months ago in my sector with my other companion, but all of a sudden she dissapeared and her phone didn't work anymore.  It turns out that for those months she was working a lot and someone stole her phone so she couldn't contact us. It turns out one of the sisters in our ward went to visit a sister that lives next to Maina and Maina asked them if they were Mormon and told them that she was ready to have the sister missionaries again.

I was so happy. Friday we took her and her boyfriend to the temple to visit the welcomers center and do a tour in the garden. It went so well. She really, really understood that the church is true. I watched as the light came into her eyes when she realized that she had to be baptized to have eternelle life. She even said she wanted to make all of her little brothers Mormon who live on another Island so they could grow up in the church.

She told us a personal experience she had this week where she really prayed to know when she should be baptized.  Immediately afterward she turned to Alma 32:16.  Look it up. It was a direct answer to her prayer.  I know it and I pray with everything that we would be able to help her boyfriend understand too.  We actually work with a lot of couples and I love it. It is so good to see people come unto Christ.

So, I have to go because my companion wants to play ping pong really bad and she is about to burst waiting for me.  I thank you all so much for your prayers.   I love you all and I love the Lord;
Soeur Kimball

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