Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mahina, Tahiti November 25, 2013

So bad news.  No one celebrates Thanksgiving here.  Good news is that the three americans in our house are going to have a crepe night, so I guess all is at peace.  I actually eat a good number of crepes here.  Super delicious.  Also it is mango season and papaya season.  Super good news. I eat papaya almost every day.  I basically just eat a lot a lot here.  Luckily I have a companion who loves to run so we run each morning.  The members here love to see us get fat.  Actually, I think they want me to get could say it is their goal for me. They tell me it is better that way. Two nights ago was the first time I weighed myself since coming here and somehow I managed to lose weight. I guess riding bikes uphill all day long in 100 percent moisture pays off.  

Besides that everything is going well.  We do a lot of contacting here.  Everyone is super friendly so it is pretty easy.  It is actually super awkward.  All the time I just walk up to people walking on the road and ask them if they know Frederick Tupu.  Am I actually searching for Frederick Tupu? No not really, but people are way more receptive to talk if you are searching for someone. We also challenged 2 people to baptism this week.  They both want to baptized but they both have a lot to do get married. We are prepared to do anything we can for them. They are both so ready and willing to follow Jesus Christ.  I know it will be hard for them, but I can imagine their lives with the gospel and it makes me want to do anything to help them.  No matter who you are your life could be made so much better with the gospel. 
I love you guys and I hope you all are grateful for the gospel this week.  I sure am.  I didn't take advantage enough before my mission of the blessings of the gospel.  It is truly the small things prayer and the scriptures that really fill our lives with peace.  

Passe un bon semaine a vous tous. 
Soeur Kimball

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