Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 13, 2014 Transfers

Guess what happened this week/  My companion and trainer Soeur Ference got transfered.  I was totally sad.  She is now one of my best friends, and you know what that means?  It means I got called to train!  I am now training a girl who just arrived from France.  What does that mean? It means three things.

1.  She has a French accent and speaks sophisticated French so I can't really understand her.
2.  My French is going to improve because I am going to learn from her. Since right now all I know is the ghetto French that people talk here, but it is the best kind frankly.
3.  I am completely in charge of my sector and I am completely teriffied.

But it is ok because I know the Lord will be with me.  I really loved my last companion and part of the reason I love her so much is because we passed through so many trials together, members critiquing us, impossible expectations, a lack of investigators and a lack of lessons.  It is totally ok because I really did my best and I know I did affect peoples lives even if they don't really feel like they want to act right now.

That is all changing right now because we found so many new investigators this week.  I really can't believe all the miracles.  One of the things I have learned here is just to not have fear.  Think of how many things we don't do in our lives because we are scared, and every time after we didn't do it we regret it.  The theme for this next transfer in Tuauru is faith.  I am really just going to talk to everyone and ask them if they want to improve their lives and I am really just going to testify to them.  For example, on Thursday I saw a little Chinese man holding a big bunny in the middle of the road and he was totally scared of me because I was about twice his height but I scheduled a lesson with him for next week. The things I see here are always so funny. I wish I had a picture, anyway I will tell you a few of the miracles I saw this week.

On Saturday me and Soeur Ferrence passed a man walking to his house with a bunch of bread and we felt like we should go back and just talk to him.  We did and he said he would like to hear our message. We went to the bishops wife to ask if she could come with us to the lesson but she said we shouldn't go because the man we had met was no good to teach.  Well I had just read that day the talk by President Monson that says we should never see people as they are now but their potential and so I had us go teach him.  Luckily we got his daughter and sister to come to the lesson and we immeadiately felt like we should talk about baptism.  Turns out he totally wants to change his life and get baptized.  He already stopped smoking and drinking without us meeting him.  We have another lesson with him this week and I hope we will be able to fix a baptismal date for him.  It just shows you that you never know who is ready.  You really can never judge people.  We are really more than our weaknesses or our faults like President Holland says.  That is also my other theme for these next ten weeks in Tuauru.  I am just going to love everyone.  No matter if they say mean things to me or make fun of my French.  I will just love them because they are all chidlren of our Heavenly Father and have divine potential no matter their situation.

Next big news.

We found a family to teach!  It was the last lesson I taught with Soeur Ferrence and it was amazing. The Spirit was so strong and we talked about the importance of the gospel in the family.  I really hope they continue to progress.  It is really hard to have a lot of investigators that start on the path to becoming members but stop progressing because of various obstacles.

The biggest thing to remember is just that no matter what happens we know the Lord will win in the end.  We are hastening a work that can't be stopped.  In that sense there is realy no way to fail.  So FAAITOITO OUTOU
Love you all and I still can't understand Tahitian but it is ok.

Soeur Kimball

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