Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 6, 2014

It was so crazy for me to think that this new year of 2014 I will be in Tahiti.  I really love the new year because it gives me more of a hope to accomplish things and just progress in general.  I really plan on this year being a fantastic year.  I hope to grow in my testimony and in my ability to help and serve others.  I hope to grow in my ability to love other children of God and the ability to have patience with myself and my weaknesses.  I hope to really know my Savior even better so that I can help others more.

Well, I am not going to lie, despite that I might love new years, it is not exactly the best time for missionary work here.  In fact, this week in the beginning might of been the hardest two days of my life.  I was really so discouraged, and it is pretty hard for me to be depressed. Basically, everyone in our sector was drunk, and all of our investigators took a break to party as well, so you can see we didn't really have anything to do except street contacting.  Which means going house by house and yelling "Iorana" then waiting for someone to come out and say that they are too busy to talk even though it is clear they are not really doing anything...actually that only happens sometimes.  Most of the time we just talk to the people and ask if they would like to have a message that would strengthen their family and help them come to Christ.  They usually say no in a nice way and we go one our way. This week we tried a different contacting approach called "crazy search for the people that were already prepared by the Lord".  Basically we took a photo around of someone being baptized and told people that God wanted them to be baptized in his true church so they could be cleansed by their sins and really follow Jesus Christ.  It sounds bold and crazy but I actually really loved it. We were just really honest with people, and if they were really prepared they would recognize the spirit and want to know more.  Did anyone accept?  No, but it is ok; maybe it wasn't the good moment.  The funniest contact of the week goes to a young girl.  She was probably my age and after explaining and testifying of the baptism she interrupted us and said " um hey actually can you guys talk to me another time because I am too hungry to talk because I am hungover"...not sure if we will go talk to her again or not.

Do not think that my week ended like it started, because I can truly testify that when we are almost at the end of your rope the Lord gives us Miracles.  One of our investigators Marciano had a lesson scheduled for 4 o clock on Saturday, and yes he came thankfully, but who else came with him, three new members of his family who were interested.  It was totally awesome.  We taught the lesson of Joseph Smith and we tried our best to really make it powerful.  The spirit was truly there and all accepted to read the book of Mormon.  On Sunday they also came to church for the first time just like that.  Usually we have to drag people to get them to church.  It was so crazy and I really hope they continue to choose to accept the gospel in their lives.  We will see this week.  Other miracles that happened are that we found maybe four new investigators because of contacting and taught one lesson with them each.  My favorite was a cute old couple  named Glorian and Allan who love to accept any missionaries of any religion.  The lesson was in Tahitian so that was a little scary but we simply told them there was a prophet today.  The Spirit was definately there also because they were willing to listen.

So my story for you is that even when it feels like you are about to die and you cant go anymore, you can, and I know good things will come.  The Lord will never try us more when we are able.  He knows our limits and our capacity.  He loves us.  I know that.

I am grateful for the gospel in my life and that it gives me the strength to continue.
Love you guys
Soeur Kimball

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