Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 26, 2015 - 18 Month Mark

Yesterday I hit the 18 month mark on mission. I have been serving as a full time set apart missonary for 18 months. What a blessing, and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to serve just a few weeks extra. Just to make sure if I didn't accomplish something I was supposed to accomplish I can get it done.

In preparing to come home I am going to write every convert a letter because I really plan to stay in contact with all of them. That is where facebook comes in handy and emails. I just found out that one of them hadn't been going to church in Tahiti and I became really worried.

This week was really interesting. The good thing about being on a little Island is that we can see our efforts affecting the people at a population level. It is really good to see people being more unified and loving. The bad side is that you really become firsthand witnesses of Satans power and how he tries to stop people from entering and becoming clean in Christ's gospel.

Sunday is always the most spiritual day for us. The talks are always very spiritual and there have been more and more people coming to church. At first when we got here there were around 35 and now there are around 55 to 60. It has been so touching. The spirit was strong yesterday as usual but afterward sitting in relief society across the hall I heard banging of chairs and yelling and i looked over with my companion and there was Firmin ( a young adult in our ward) with blood all over his white shirt dripping everywhere in the chapel and another young adult was behing held back by the preisthood leaders. It was so scary and honestly because of my relationship with everyone I feel very responsable for everything that happens.

Turns out Firmin had been really offended by something two young adults had said and he chose to let his anger out in preisthood meeting by punching one and kicking the other to the ground. He had brought his mouth guard with him with the intention to fight. He is also a little sick and is very sensitive but in defending himself the other one had hit firmin on the head with a chair and broke the skin. It was so evil. I felt so dirty and I cried while cleaning up the blood.

Then later another couple we teach and are planning on getting married fought and got separated. Agnes the girl was desperate and Julio was supposed to get baptized in March but it seemed really serious when they separated. Needless to say I felt really overwhelmed and found myself many times pleading with Heavenly Father to help us fight Satan. I felt peaceful knowing that Heavenly Father will always win.

What is the moral of the story? This is the true church. There is no other church which is true. This is the Lords kingdom on the earth. It can be found even here on this little Island, and with the truth there comes opposition. Moana the father of Mahuta is getting baptized this saturday, and another little boy turning eight is getting baptized Monday. Moana had his interview and passed but is having serious withdrawls from not smoking. He is really suffering, but the we are marching on and surrounding him with support.

I know he can make it but he neeeds every prayer he can get. I love their family so much and would be ready to give anything for them to be sealed in the temple. I know Moana is just at the beginnig of his jouney accepting the gospel. I have seen the biggest miracle in his change in heart. he still has lots of imperfections like us all but he is really so much happier. Please pray for him.

Sorry for the length but I am trying hard to leave this sector the best I can. I love Takapoto. I love the gospel and I love Jesus Christ.
Love Soeur Kimball

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