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December 1, 2014 - Power of Priesthood

Sister Moli, my companion, was transfered. She is going back to Tahiti in Faaa, and I am staying here, and guess what? I am training a new missionary that is getting here. I will be training for my last two transfers on the mission and so that means that I am finishing my mission in TAKAPOTO. Woohoo. I was so excited to know for sure that I will finish here. That means I will have been here for over a third of my mission, but I am not complaining.

Sometimes it is a little hard to teach people because almost everyone believes everything we tell them. I think almost 100 percent of everyone we have given the first lesson believes that Joseph Smith really saw God and Jesus Christ. They just have a really hard time putting the pieces together and understanding how knowing this can affect them, and that is our job.

We had some really incredible experiences this week. I have really been working on my teaching but it is hard. Sometimes I feel like I ask bad questions but the best way to know that you are teaching by the spirit is that when you teach you are learning at the same time. It was like that for me yesterday. We taught Erena this cute lady who doesnt have any support from her boyfriend that she lives with. She is a member of the Reorgranized Church and so it is hard to teach her but she really is needs the gospel. She has had a lot of trials. I really felt love and compassion as we taught her yesterday. It was so hard because we taught her about faith and the importance to ask God to know if everything we had taught her was true. It was so good but afterward she said she wanted to stop the lessons because she would be too busy. We were heartbroken. It is just so hard to see investigators feeling the spirit and then reject the message. Pray for her.

We had another really incredible experience with the Priesthood this week too. I and my companion did an activity in the branch about the Priesthood and invited the investigators. We didn't have a super good turnout but it was ok. Afterwards our new convert Pierre was playing soccer and hit his foot really hard and so it started bleeding. We were putting bandaids and stuff on his foot and at the end I had stood up to go put away our scriptures in our backpacks but when I looked around my companion was bent down and was crying. Someone had kicked the soccer ball really really hard and it had hit her and knocked the wind out of her and it reminded her of her accident when she got hit by a car in Tahiti so it became pretty traumatizing for her. It was pretty late at night but I felt the impression that I needed to call to have a blessing for her. Our DMB and the counselor in the branch presidency came to give the blessing. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had here. The room in the chapel was so filled with the spirit and peace. I was just sitting there crying.
Why did Heavenly Father let all of this happen? It was all really unexpected but it was to help us see the Priesthood in action. So that our testimonies could be confirmed about what we had taught that night. He showed us that Priesthood power is real and the things we teach are real. It was a very neat learning experience and I will ever be so grateful for the peace we can feel by knowing the Lord operates through his servants today to bless us and lead us.

soeur Kimball

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