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December 15, 2014 - New Companion

Thank you for all your love and support. This Christmas we will feel just a little bit lonely because almost all of our members took a two week trip to the temple in Tahiti. I am so proud of them. Many of them will be getting their endowement and there is a family that is getting sealed, so in that regard I am very happy, but I will miss them, especially Boban; President Maa. and Pierre.

These three priesthood holders come with us to almost every lesson every day. They do missionary work with us. I know this is really dumb but we call ourselves the power rangers of Takapoto. Haha. I am not sure if I know what is funny and what is not anymore, but I have learned so much from them. They all have such powerful testimonies and we have had so many spiritual experiences together. I will send you a picture of all of us next week. They even wanted to do morning exercizes with us at 6 30 so we all ran the length of the runway of the airport together. It was so funny and my new companion was so confused. Things happen here that would happen nowhere else.

I have to tell you this week was a week of miracles. I have really been using this time that is left on my mission to really warn people about the importance to act now. We tell people during lessons the best time to do these things and change their life was two weeks ago. We have a lot of potential here and I know Heavenly Father has helped us find his chosen people that are ready to accept the gospel.

As you know I am with a new companion who I am training here. She is the sweetest and so funny. She reminds me of Ashley and she really is ready to work. She kind of got a little scared because this week we talked a lot of Tahitian and she didn't understand what was happening, but I know the Lord put her here for a specific reason. I am not sure if I could handle being here for the first transfer of my mission, but she is really a faith filled sister.

We have this investigator that is an alcoholic and he drinks every day. We had been teaching lessons with him for a while in Tahitian and all of a sudden he stopped drinking. He said he didn't know where the desire came from but he just stopped. We had already taught him the word of wisdom but he had acted on his faith in that moment, and since he has really been progressing but he just didn't understand the difference between the LDS church and his church. So we invited him and showed him examples of how he needed to recieve a confirmation that all the things we were teaching him are true. I didn't know he had really understood because sometimes he doesn't seem to capture what we want him to do.

Sunday we were supposed to get an investigator to come with us to church and she said she wasn't ready because she couldn't wash her clothes so coming back to the church we saw him going to his church and invited him to come to the chapel after, so he came and we were able to find out that our invitation had really affected him and now he has become an honest seeker. I was so happy because I know Heavenly Father had blessed us because of our prayers and our fasts. He is one step closer to being baptized. Please pray he will recognize the answer to his prayers.

I also gave a talk this week about the parents role in teaching their children and raising future missionaries. I shared a lot of experiences of all that my parents have taught me and it made me cry too. I just want to thank you for always showing me the best example.

So there is my week and I know I will have adventurs to share with you for next week. I love you and I know the most important responsability we have is to uplift and help those who are around us. I love you all so much.
Love Soeur Kimball
Merry CHristmas!

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