Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 12, 2015 - Mahuta's Baptism

How can I sum up all of this weeks events in one letter? I don't think I can.
Thank you for all of your prayers in my behalf and of Takapotos behalf. This week my testimony have been reconfirmed that the Lord always hears our prayers and ANSWERS them. Always. And how many fervent prayers have I given this week? I hope enough. The commandement that God has given us is to pray often in all things so that He may bless and guide us.

In exactly one hour from now Mahuta will be getting baptized in the ocean just across from the church. I am sitll in shock. No one expected it. The Lord has been so merciful;

If you don't remember Mahuta is this 17 year old boy who we talked to sitting in front of his house one month ago. He had never taken lessons and he had been to church as a little kid with his aunt a couple of times, but he said he liked to hear stories about Jesus Christ and that would be fine if we met with him. Sometimes I tend to be a little impulsive in talking to people and yesterday I asked him what his first impression of us was for him and he said that he didnt really know what to say because he was kind of scared haha.

After teaching him and getting support from his friends that were members he really started to understand. He is one of those chosen spirits of our Heavenly Father. He is observant and really smart. And completely ready to accept the gospel.

He wanted to be baptized since two weeks ago but needed autorization for his parents who are not members.
It is kind of too long to explain but Mahuta was completely rejected by his mom and his grandpa to be baptized. I can't believe the sacrifices he made. He will no longer be returning to see his mom. She completely rejected him after telling him that he could get baptized but after she would never accept him again.
But nothing discouraged him. He kept praying and reading every day, and after so many prayers and fasts. It finally went through. I still am not really sure how, but Heavenly Father is so merciful. I feel that sometimes that is the test to believe in His mercy, because sometimes He seems so harsh and punishing but in reality He is just love. I know all He does is for our benefit, even to give His son Jesus Christ .

Without Jesus Christ we would have no hope to return to Heavenly Father and His gospel in its fulness is the only way we can recieve hope and be purified of our wrongs. Miracles continue. What are miracles? Really just manifestations of Gods power and his love for us.
Love Soeur Kimball

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