Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 19, 2015 - Mahuta Family Interested

Sometimes I feel like on my mission people serve me more than I serve people, which is not really normal. My companion had similar feelings and this week we really tried to serve a lot, and it went really well. People sometimes treat us like princesses. One mami when she saw us working with her grandson to dry the coconuts almost had a panick attack. She said " missionaries are meant for praying not for working". I feel she needs a little instruciton about what missionary work is really.

Exactly one week ago Mahuta was baptized. It was such a miracle. My companion and I tried to make everything as spiritual as possible. The baptism was last minute and so we spent two hours going around the whole island and inviting everyone we knew.Tthe turn out was really good, and when he bore his testimony everyone cried. I can't believe how prepared he was for the gospel.

He came here to live with his dad and we talked to him about Jesus Christ and he said we could come and talk to him. The turning point was when he started reading the Book of Mormon and knew it was true. The light that entered his life really assured him that it was true. I remember us talking a lot to him about faith and about how to nourish his faith. He got kicked out of his house for getting baptized. His mom told him she wouldn't accept him anymore. I really can't believe the sacrifices he made to follow our Savior. I don't think I could have done it.

In short, his whole family has gotten motivated from this experience. His dad Moana is an ami we have been working with for a really long time but he struggles with his cigarettes. He recieved a blessing this week and his faith has also grown. There is no other way except praying with ferveur and reading the scriptures and coming to church to nourish ones faith, but I learned to much about how one persons example can help soften the heart of many people. I am so proud of Mahuta for his faithfulness to God. He will be such a good misionnary.

I don't like thinking about it because I don't have that much time left. It makes me want to do everything I can to learn and grow these last few weeks. I want to reach my potential and have more courage to explain to others what they must do.
Thank you so much for your love.
Soeur Kimball

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