Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mahina, Tahiti November 4, 2013

This letter will be short because I am out of time...Oops...but anyway this week was good.  First off three things to understand about Tahiti.
1.  The stars here at night are incredible.
2.  I dont know how but it is freezing here at night so a cute missionary couple gave me blankets and I was so happy.
3.  People here never just drink water.  It is a rule you have to drink juice or some sweet drink.

Ok sorry that was random but I just thought you would like to know random facts.

 Almost all of our lessons were canceled, and the ones that were not canceled were with children who have a 2 second attention span, but they are adorable so it is fine.

Do you remember Augustine?  We started to teach her and then she moved to Moorea with her boyfriend and baby.  She is my age and she is one of the sweetest people.  She really wanted to be baptized when we asked her but her boyfriend didn't want to change his ways.  Well we got a call from Augustine two nights ago that her boyfriend had a change of heart and they will be married December 21, and she will get baptized the same night.  I cried I was so happy for her.  I guess the Elders over there on Moorea really helped her boyfriend where we couldn't.  Unfortunately we can't go to the baptism because it will be on Moorea but I don't even care I am just so happy for her.

Basically all of our investigators are what you call forever investigators. They keep commitments but don't progress.  It is super frustrating but we continue to do our best for them.  In the end it is them who has to decide to have the faith to take the next step.

Faith is such an interesting concept and I have learned a lot about what it really means to exercise faith here.  I have learned that this work is not the work of man.  There is no way.  There is no way I could do any of this without the Lord, and that takes a lot of faith on my part.  I just have to do my best and have the faith that in each situation if I have been obedient and done my part, he will make up for the rest, and He does.  I know, even though it is really hard for me to see right now, there are people being prepared for me to teach in Tuauru.  Where they are I have absolutely no idea, but they are there.  The best I can do is just do my best to be in tune with the spirit and I know miracles will happen.  I love you all.  Remember the Lord is always there.

Soeur Kimball

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