Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tahiti, Mahina November 11, 2013

Ia orana!
Famille et mes amis.  J'esper toute est bien.  

And so missionary work continues for me.  This week was an all time low in our sector.  We only had 4 lessons.  I am scared we are going to get in trouble for it.  Basically most of our investigators hide from us and don't actually want to learn more, they are either too nice to say no, or they just are never there for the time we scheduled the lesson.  Besides that things were good this week.  We had a baptism in our ward of Varena Taimana.  I never had the chance to teach her but it was still good to see her be baptised.  She has really changed her life around to be in accordance with the teachings of the gospel.  It is neat to see that.  Her goal is to be sealed with her family in the temple.  We will continue to visit her and her family for encouragement for that.  

We didn't have lessons this week. We went around and visited with a lot of members to get them to do missionary work.  Sometimes I feel like the members are really scared of us.  They know why we are here and they are scared we are going to ask them to do missionary work.  I dont blame them.  It is really teriffying to share the gospel with people.  However, it really is just the little things that make the big difference.  We have really been trying to explain that to the members.  The Lord isn't asking them to go and convert all their neighbors, but rather to just talk with them, invite them to activities, and be examples to them.  It is by the small and simple things that bring about the salvation of souls.  I have noticed that here.  Most converts here became interested in the gospel because they felt the spirit at a family home evening of a friend who invited them.  We are not asking to go out and force the world to baptize but rather we just asked to invite. I really hope we can show the members here that missionary work is not supposed to be a teriffying experience.  If you are doing missionary work out of fear you should stop.  Missionary work is meant to be centered rather on love.  
Speaking of Funny story that isnt acually funny. Basically, all the time here I dont know whether I should laugh or cry, so I just do both.  We were having a lesson with Yoana. Yoana is a girl the same age as me that lives with her boyfriend Jonas.  She is really reserved.  During the lesson I tryed to ask her and her friend if they felt loved when they prayed.  But on accident they thought I asked if they felt dead when they prayed;  So that is the story of how my language skills drove away the spirit.  And now they tease me all the time for saying it.  Like I said, I am not sure if I should laugh or cry...Oh well...things continue nonetheless.  I hope Yoana continues to be open to our message. 

Well that is all dear family and friends.  I love you all to participate in the hastening of the Lords work.  Whether that is for the dead or the living.  You will be blessed in your efforts. 
Love you all
Soeur Kimball

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