Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mahina, Tahiti October 28, 2013

Bonjour famille et mes amis,

What can I say?  Slowly but surely things are getting better here.  The transition has been without lies pretty rough but I am starting to settle into things now.  I had some pretty amazing experiences this week so lets start with that.

This week I really saw the power of the Preisthood. Last Sunday one of the other sisters I live with got a blessing for spiritual strength from the elders, and my companion asked me if I wanted one too.  I did but I said no because I didn't want to bother the elders.  Anyway, since then I had the impression over and over that I should get a blessing.  I kept putting it off until we had an experience with the Preisthood with one of our Amis yesterday.  Klann one of our amis was really sick and he had been sick for a while.  Soeur Ferrence and I visited him and his wife and Soeur Ferrence asked if Klann maybe wanted a blessing for healing.  He said yes so we had Dan Taumihau who usually is the member who comes with us to the lessons come.  We sat down and Dan explained the process of the blessing of healing to Klann clearly and explained that it only worked on faith.  After we all knelt and prayed for the spirit to be there. Following Dan gave the blessing to Klann and the spirit was so strong. I could feel the love of God for Klann so strongly.  After Dan gave the blessing we just sat.  And nobody said anything.  One of the things I have learned as a missionary is that silences are good things.
Silence gives time for the spirit to work through reflection and pondering. I really hope Klann and Laurette felt the power of the Priesthood that was there that afternoon.  I can't even really explain it but it was just so powerful, and it was an answer to our prayers because the doctine Klann and Laurette struggle with the most is the idea of a modern prophet that holds the power of the Priesthood.  We have a lesson with them this week so I hope they really will have open hearts and have the desire to be baptized.
After all that, I had the impression again that I needed a blessing too,we called the Elders and they gave me a blessing (in English thank goodness).  I have been having a hard time sleeping in the morning from anxiety for the language and I am just so grateful for the comfort I recieved from the blessing.  I know the things that were said were directly from Heavenly Father;  That Elder giving me the blessing knew absolutely nothing about me, but the things said were exactly for me.  It was so perfect and that is why I am just so grateful for the Priesthood.  The head of the church is truly Jesus Christ.  This is His work and Thomas S Monson is His prophet.
So I guess Sunday was a good end for the week.  I guess what I have to say is there is really no reason to worry about me here.  I actually really enjoy all of the food here except the fatty chicken.  Actually, raw fish is my favorite thing to eat, and the avocados here are super delicious.  Unfortunately we don't eat raw fish often because it is expensive, but when we do, I love it.  We are really lucky in our house here and we have a lot of luxuries.  I think that we have the nicest missionary housing on the Island, even though there are still a thousand mosquitos and some cochroaches.  Life here is good and I get to wear sandals all the time.  Me and my companion run to the beach every morning and it is beautiful.

Tahiti is beautiful, but more beautiful are the people here.  I am so blessed;
Soeur Kimball

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