Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mahina, Tahiti October 21, 2013

Hey everyone!

I have so much to say and I dont exactly know where to begin.
Lets start with my amis this week.  We dont have a ton of investigators but the ones we have are super hesitant about the gospel so we have to take it super slow.  The super difficult thing here is that there are a lot of people who have been investigators for years and it just takes them a long time to realize the blessings of the gospel.  We have a lot of those.

This week was titled the book of mormon week.  We had the opportunity to testify and give a lot of lessons from the book of mormon. And I felt the spirit so many times.  I am sitll kind of drowning in the language and such so I dont say a ton but I have a really strong testimony of the book of mormon and I was able to share that this week.  We taught a lesson to one of our investigators Poema in Tahitian and it was good but she refused to read the book of mormon.  We are going to have another lesson with her today and I hope she can understand the importance and start to read.  We also extended 2 baptism commitments this week to a couple Klann and Laurette and also to a sweet girl my age named Augustine.  Augustine really wants to be baptized and already has a testimony after 2 lessons.  She is great.  Unfortunately her boyfriend is not and they are moving to another Island this week and we cant teach her.  It was bad news but we are going to make sure that she gets taught by the missionaries over there.

I am not going to lie and say this has actually been the hardest week of my entire life.  I have miny anxiety attacks that I am never going to learn the language and basically it is a struggle every day to tell myself what I am doing good because it feels like I am super unuseful right now because of the language.  It has been a good opportunity for me to excercise my faith on the Lord.  There is no way I could do this without Him.  It has been humbling but really good.  Trials just mean that the Lord wants to give the opportunity to grow and improve, and I am grateful for that.

Besides that I am still adapting to the environment.  We have some really poor people in our are and some pretty wealthy people so it is an interesting mix.  All the stories are true and for real they give you so much food here.  For just me and my companion one night a family dropped off 2 pizzas 5 sparking sodas and a huge gallon of icecream. I dont really eat a lot of fish here, it is mostly a lot of chicken and who knows what kind of meat because fish is super expensive unless you catch it yourself. I have found a lot of the food bearable and even delicious.  Last night we had the best cake made out of breadfruit.

Basically my situation here is super hilarious.  Most of the Tahitians just think I am cute, bewildered american who doesn't understand what is going on, Haha, and it is kind of true.  Tahitians talk super quiet and super slurred and super fast so I am still struggling to understand what they say.  Luckly everyone else tells me they were the exact same way and that one day it just clicked.  I really hope that day is soon.  It is really beautiful here and the people are so happy with just their shack house things.  I dont actually know how to describe the houses. We are just so blessed in America that is for certain.

Well I love all of you and I hope you are happy.  This week I am really going to work on my attitude because it hasn't been the best.  I am super impatient, but even though the work is hard, and I have 300 mosquito bites, and I look like a sweaty animal, I am so grateful to be here.  The gospel can help every single person no matter how their life is. So don't be scared to share it.  Faaitoito
Soeur Kimball

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