Sunday, September 29, 2013

MTC 9-23-2013

a ora na.

I couldn't be more excited.  These weeks are flying by and I leave in 2 weeks from today!  We get our travel plans this Friday, and I am praying that all of our visas came through.  It is so hard because Argentina, Australia, and Brazil are almost impossible to get visas for currently so there are so many reassignments.  And as good of an experience as that would be...lets be honest...I really just want to go to Tahiti.
We are still learning Tahitian and it is still so fun.  I get a little too excited when we have Tahitian grammar lessons.  The language is just so simple and so interesting.  Except this week those who are singing in the choir have to miss an hour and a half of class each morning, so I feel like I need to catch up on studies.  Our district has been trying to be more on time this week to activities, because lately after being here for so long we've become relaxed.  I usually go to the exercise classes in the morning where this super pregnant woman teaches us yoga and stuff.  It is super fun, but it means I have 15 minutes to get ready, so I want to make sure I start making it on time to class.
This Tuesday Sister Derrick and I were chosen to be interviewed for a video on the Gift of Tongues, so that should be interesting.  I am not really sure what to expect, but I know that I have seen the gift of tongues so far, so I have some things to say about it.  I guess I am excited, but I don't really like the thought of being on camera.  Sister Derrick and I had a great chat this past week too.  We both just told each other what we loved about each other and how the other person was an example to us and it was really great.  Sister Derrick is really spiritual and a sweet girl.  It is fun to be around her.
So I discovered that my French has actually been kind of declining because of my focusing on Tahitian, so I made a new plan for these next two weeks called " learn and memorize everything ever".  I am hoping it will be effective.  We watched a movie in French last night and I kind of freaked out because I still can't really understand it.  When people talk slow, I can basically understand everything, but when they talk fast, my mind just kind of panics. I really need to work on comprehension.  To work on this, I have been listening to a lot of talks in French, and I really like that.  One of the talks I most recently listened to is from President Monson on seeing people as they really are.  I felt like I was meant to listen to it.  President Monson talks about the importance of us seeing people as they can become, not their weaknesses or faults or even sin filled life.  I think it is just so important for missionary work, because I never want to "skip over" someone I could've talked to because I thought they were too far off the path.   Anyone can return to Christ no matter where they are in their life, and I intend to even help the hardest of hearts.  The Atonement is so powerful and makes us new people.      
Soeur Buswell told us about a convert she had that was like this.  She taught this old Papi who lived on the side of a mountain and didn't want anything to do with the missionaries.   She said his heart was so far from where it needed to be.  He had children from five different moms living in four different countries and didn't see God in his life.  Needless to say, through the spirit, Soeur Buswell and her companion were able to say the right things that helped him grow towards Christ, and he was baptized!

So crazy, but such a good lesson for all of us.  We should never never give up on anyone.

Well my p-day is waning to a close.  But I love you.  Thanks for the package mom.  Filled with all my favorite foods.  You know me too well.
Ua here au ia outou.  Ua ite au e, e ekaretia mau e ekaretia o Ietu Metia.  Ua ite au e, ua here Te Atua i te au ra ia tatou.
Tuahine Kimball

PS, this week we got the Doctrine and Covenants in Tahitian and in it it has the name of Heber C. Kimball which is (Hebera C. Kimibala), So Dad just so you know that is your name in Tahitian.  Except Tahitian doesn't have the "k" or "B" sound so it is actually pronounced (Heepera Timipala).  I really hope they call me Sister Timipala in Tahiti!  Well Nana!

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  1. You are in Tahiti now. So excited for you! We love you cute Natasha.