Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MTC #2 09-09-2013

     Hey, tell mom I love the package she sent me and I am so happy you found popcorn flavored rice cakes because they are my favorite, and the peaches were so good, and technically I am not allowed to recieve any fruit, so they threw away my raspberries : (, but I still got everything else. I loved her letter and I am glad you liked your Big Hunk. Those brownies are my favorite so thanks. Mom wrote me a letter where she told me about that cool new missionary app.  That sounds so cool!  Except she said you weren't going to keep up my blog because of that.  If it is at all possible could you still post all my big family friend  emails I send every week on my blog, because that is connected to my facebook and I told lots of people I would have that.  Pretty please?  Thanks

     There is a tongan girl going to Tahiti with me and she says that Tongan is really similar to Tahitian, so yes.  Also I am going to be at conference, not sure which session yet, but look for me on the TV. And I leave in less than a month now.

     Well, I don't have much time, but I am jealous you are hiking Timp.  I love the mountains, and I really want to hike sometime.  Also I am jealous that you had such a good time with Marisa.  It sounds totally fun.

     Yes, Tahitian is very difficult, but it is so fun.  It sounds like I am trying to be a caveman.  Also, you should read Jacob 5 again because a general authority told us that the last part about the last gathering is talking specifically about the missionary age change.  So cool huh?  I am so grateful to be apart of this day to gather Israel.  It is so exciting!

Well, I g2g, but
ua here au ia tatou!

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