Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 3, 2014 - Eating Dog

So, officially I will be coming home Feb 16... if you didnt know.  I am so blessed to be serving here right now.  All of the missionaries want to serve in the islands and so I just keep remembering how blessed I am to serve here right now.  It has been such a building and good experience;  It really has taught me to be independent; And how to rely on the Lord and trust him.  In the end His will is always done and we just have to accept and do everything we can to be on His side.

This week has been a week of miracles because of fasting; sometimes it seems like we fast and fast and pray and nothing happens but I know the Lord is doing everything He can to soften hearts and prepare people.

 We had a really good lesson with a couple yesterday; they are really young and have a baby but they aren't married.  The girl is a member, but the boy Hauani isn't.  Before it seemed like he wasn't really paying attention that much during lessons and didn't really care, but we fasted for him as a branch with the other amis. When we taught the restoration yesterday he really understood.  It is those moments that are the most incredible.  When you see investigators understanding.  After they asked the question " so you mean the LDS church is the same church that exsisted since the beginning", and we were like " yyyeess".  I never had realized how hard teaching was until I started my mission;  It is so important to teach by the spirit to help people see.  I love teaching now, and I keep trying to improve my techniques of teaching.

Our branch discovered that I have the gift of imitating animals and various things, so for halloween they made me imitate a mummy and everything in front of everyone. It was so funny and I am pretty sure everybody thinks I am crazy here.  When we teach english I act super dramatic to make them retain what they learned and they laugh a lot;

Oh, and speaking of animals and stuff, Guess WHAT?  Monday for our family home evening we always eat at the end and there was this pot of meat in it, but I have learned to not ask questions and just eat what is in the pots. I put it on my plate and every body was looking at us really suspiciously. Almost none of the kids ate it, so we were like " what it this?" and they told us what it was in Puamatu which I don't understand.  Then our ami Moana lied to us and said it was goat, so I was like " this is not the first time I have eaten suspicious meat" and then I ate it.
Four days later a member was like " so I heard you guys ate dog Monday"!!!

You guys I ate a dog, and it wasn't just a random dog. It was the families pet dog.  I started panicking when they told us.  haha;  It was kind of good but I was just too disturbed.  It would be like if I was eating Oreo.  If you want to know how they made the dog die you can ask me after my mission;
so there you go, and so I will be careful with what I am eating at the member house now.  Haha.  I am so blessed.  I got over every picky eating habit I had before.

And even better is that our investigator Pierre is having his baptismal interview this week;  please pray for him. Satan is so vicious. At church, after the meetings, the family member of Pierre came and criticized him in front of everybody telling him that she was really not happy to see him in the Mormon church. She was so mad, and it wasn't the frist attack. Whenever we have an ami that starts reading the Book of Mormon some member of their family comes and critisizes them.  It is like the end of the world if they change churches., but Pierre is so strong. It barely even phased him. He just keeps talking about how happy he is since he has read the Book of Mormon.  When we taught him the tithing he said he wanted to pay 50 percent of his money;

I just loved the talk this week by Elder Utchdorf " Lord is it I"  I hope you can all read it. I am so happy to be here and I know that living the gospel is possible anywhere in the world.  It is written in our hearts.  I love serving the Lord.
Love Soeur Kimball

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