Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 - Service Projects

Can you believe it? I have already been here a month.  It has really flown by., but I have already grown so much.  It is interesting but I think it is something that has really help me grow spiritually.  I mean I am kind of really isolated, so it forces me to always turn to my Savior to help me and support me.  

We have seen miracles this week and they always happen by the little things.  I know that service is so key.  We have tried to do at least two service projects every week to open peoples hearts to see why we are really there.  Lots of people are scared to talk to us because they think if they talk to us we are going to try to convert them to Mormonism and they don't like that, but really we just want to talk to them about how much they need Jesus Christ in their lives to progress and to be blessed.  I am developing more love for them.  

I had a trial this week where I felt like I haven't really been following the spirit and it freaked me out but I am so grateful for personal prayer which always calms me and brings me relief and more faith than I had before.  I prayed hard this week to be guided and to know if I was doing the will of God and I just felt the most peaceful feeling today.  I felt like Heavenly Father was telling me that He knows everything that is going on and all the efforts I am doing and that He will not leave me.  I am just so grateful for the personal inspiration we can always recieve to help us feel comforted and to keep going forward, like president Monson said " As we move forward striving to live as we should; we will surely recieve help from the Lord". 

This week we had a new investigator and he is so humble.  His name is Victor and we found him because a ward member invited him to the open house at the chapel Friday. He has had a lot of trials in his life and therefore has turned toward drugs and alcohol for comfort but he is ready to change.  We asked him if he would be baptized and he accepted and then we gave him the date of October 25, the last Saturday in October and it just so happens to be his birthday.  What a miracle.  I am excited to teach him about the plan that God created for him and why he is really here; please pray for him. 

Everytime we get a new ami the first thing that happens is one of their friends tells them they should never talk to the missionaries and that it is a bad decision to learn from us. Satan does everything he can to stop us.  I have never felt and seen the adversary working so strong but I know God is willing and able to help us if we put our confidence in Him.  

PS this morning we did a service project on the other side of the island where there is absolutely nobody it is completely untouched and it is soo beautiful.  We got coconuts and put them in the truck.  It was good and we went with our amis so they can know that we love them.  Because we do.  Here is me and Taohie a girl we teach searching for coconuts in the tree.  Oh and I got so sunburned. 

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