Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 22, 2014 - reactivation night

Hello family!
So things slowed down a bit here in Takapoto this week but it is ok.  Soeur Moli and I have been so blessed.  Our most devoted investigator went back to Tahiti so we can't teach him anymore  but I know the Lord has prepared others.  

Something neat here that all the members do is reactivation night every single Tuesday.  In America we have enrichment or mutual and here it is reactivation, and we go every single Tuesday night to visit the inactives.  It is so good to see how devoted members are to their callings and to the reactivation. There are a lot of families and people that are inactive here, and most of them have a kind of testimony but they are just so under the influence of Satan that they let themselves become slaves to alcohol and drugs. 

 I have never seen and understood how powerful these substances can be to ruin lives and distract us from our eternal progression.  I felt the force of the adversary really strong this week.  One of our favorite young adults became unworthy this week because of one smoke of a cigarette.  Me and Soeur Moli were so devastated that we started crying and when she saw us crying she felt really bad.  We talked to her and explained to her the bad consquences of sins that seem to have no consequence.  We asked her at least to receive a blessing and she agreed, and the spirit was so strong. The brother giving the blessing just said over and over that God loved her. She felt so bad about what she had chosen to do.  
The temptation to smoke cigarettes or drugs here is so strong that if youth don't have a solid testimony they have just a small chance to not take them.  It has become something so normal and so habitual and they just don't understand what they are doing to themselves. With every physical choice there is a spiritual consequence. Right now there are three worthy young adults out of about 20 and to stop smoking it is just so hard for them.  I have already seen people place their faith in Christ and stop through prayers and scripture reading and Priesthood power so I know it is possible, so we are just trying to help everyone see the eternal perspective.

 I know that it is just so important that we have testimonies rooted in the gospel so that when temptations come we don't question our faith.  Our conversion in the church is necessary and we need to renew that conversion daily by reading scriptures and praying.  I know Heavenly Father is more powerful than Satan and that he will help whoever has a broken heart and a contrite spirit to become healed of their addictions by faith in His son Jesus Christ. 

 I am not scared or worried.  I love you all and I thank you for your prayers.  Please pray for the people here in Takapoto so that they can have faith.   There are only 400 but they are precious in the eyes of God and they are in need of the spirit.  
Love Soeur Kimball

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