Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 28, 2014 - Toimato & Kulani

These past two weeks have been pretty dissapointing.  People that really seemed interested in hearing our message decided to not continue or acted like they didn't feel the spirit when I know they did.  But I wasn't discouraged, because I know the Lord doesn't work miracles until after a trial of faith.
Something I have really learned this week is to be optimistic even when everything falls through, so that is what I did.  I was super happy and worked really hard. It was great. I love my companion and I really, really prayed last night to be able to stay in the same sector with my companion, because the transfer is next week and I don't want to live. I have so much unfinished business.

This weekend we fasted with my favorite couple Toimato and Kulani.  It was really good.  Toimatos brother is a new convert in our ward and he decided to share the gospel with his family.  Kulani is amazing.  She is having a baby in three months and so we fasted for her to not have any problems. They want to get baptized in June but they haven't chosen a date yet because they have to get married.

Kulani has really felt the spirit in coming to church and has read the Book of Mormon and felt of its truth.  She has so much integrity because she told her family of strict protestants that she wanted to be baptized and her dad wasn't too happy, but she stuck firm to her decision because of her faith.  It was so incredible to see that no matter what trials she faces with her family she is willing to follow the Lord and the things she has felt by the spirit.

Also, yesterday was so so amazing because we had Elvina come to church.  She is the lady that complains a lot and is super bitter but I really love her.  Normally we can't get her to come because she is super scarred everyone will judge her, but she came! I think she was sick of us coming and bugging her and calling her, and she felt the spirit.  In relief society we talked about the talk from Elder Uchdorf inviting people to join the church and sharing that this church is for imperfect people.  She was touched and after we asked her how she felt and she said it felt really good to come.  She feels like it is the true church.  She wants to come next week too.

 Oh yah and this week I got to be in a film.  I pretended like I was teaching Tahitian children how to do math, and then I walked on the beach with the other missionaries and pretended to say goodbye to the Tahitian people.  It was kind of fun but not really because the whole time I was just super stressed out worrying about my sector and my amis.  I thought school was stressful but when you are playing with peoples happiness and salvation that is another story.

Yesterday we finished also a huge round of concerts we have been doing.  The spirit was so strong when we sang "The spirit of God".  Our mission president said we need to remember that moment for the rest of our lives.

Well I love you and I challenge you all to do missionary work this week.  This is the Lords work and He will help you and inspire your thoughts to know the people you need to visit or just say a kind word.
Love Soeur Kimball

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