Friday, August 23, 2013

MTC 8-19-13

Hey family and friends,

     This week has been great.  Except that I say that every single week.  It is just because how can my week not be great when it is so chalked full of spiritual things and testimony growing.  It is hard, yes very hard, but very fun.

     This week Elder Scott came and talked to us about prayer.  It was amazing.  I never felt so strongly that I had taken advantage of the gift of prayer my whole life.  Heavenly Father is just waiting for us to share our thoughts and problems and questions with Him so he can help us.  One really important thing I learned is that God is just waiting to bless us, we only have to ask.  I have been praying a lot more lately ( like 20 times a day), and it really helps.  My prayers are answered all of the time and I am constantly receiving guidance through the scriptures.  It is so awesome.

     Also this week was amazing because I had the opportunity to watch a devotional given by Elder Holland last Thanksgiving at the MTC, and it was incredible.  You know those times when you are listening to a true message and your mind just becomes enlightened and you just absorb every bit a speaker is saying?  Well that is how it felt with Elder Holland's talk.  So every Sunday we can watch a "movie" of a conference talk, or a devotional, or something starting at 8:00 pm, and there was really no room in the "theater" to watch this specific talk, but I was so set on watching it that I basically forced some chairs in there for me and my companion and refused to leave.  My companion was stressing out that we were blocking the door but I didn't even care because I wanted to hear that talk, and I am so glad I did.  Basically it was about how we are so blessed and chosen to be members of the church in the latter days.  Throughout the history of the world, very very few people have ever enjoyed the blessings of having the fulness of the gospel.  Even when Christ was on the earth, it only lasted for a few more years until the apostles were killed. Compared to the history of tragedy and darkness and war lived by so many humans, we are so lucky to live in this last dispensation and finally see the prophecies and the gathering of Israel start to come forth.  It just made me realize how much I had taken for granted throughout my life, and I know I will become even more humbled and grateful when I go to Tahiti.  There are actually a lot of Tahitians here at the MTC that are going to serve missions, and they are all so humble.  It is so cute how much they love America.  It is like heaven to them.  One sister told me the only thing she missed from Tahiti was fish.  She said she missed fish more than her family. Oh boy, I was laughing.  I really cannot wait to go there.

     Anyway, our lessons this week went pretty well. My French is really slow, but it is getting better.  There are just a lot of mistakes I make.  My grammar is horrible, and sometimes the "investigators" (who are actually my teachers), break character and start laughing because I say something funny.  Here is a mistake I made all the time.  In French the word for body is "corps" pronounced "core", and the word for heart is "coeur", pronounced " cur", so sometimes we accidentally say we love the gospel with all of our body if we pronounce the word for heart wrong.  I was pronouncing it wrong a lot, so that is truly awkward.

     Also this week, my district took advantage of my ability to sing really low.  They think it is really funny so they make me sing like a man all of the time.  I was in the middle of singing some lion king song and my teacher came in (soeur buswell), and she was so confused.  I think she realizes more and more how strange I am.  It is funny.

     So this week I am going to try to send more pictures.  I really love all of the girls in my district and I get along really well with everyone.  I still love the gospel and I still miss all of you.  I start learning Tahitian in 2 weeks so pray for me.  When we switch over I will have to be the "senior companion", so I will be expected to lead out lessons.  Make sure you pray and read your scriptures and stuff.  Its good for you.
-Soeur/Tuahine Kimball

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